23 March

Mr Mondragon 2.0

Cristóbal de Mondragon: the general who gave the project his name.

World famous in Zierikzee. Don’t tell me you don’t know him! It’s true, he’s not been seen since 1596. Or has he? According to the locals, he’s turned up again and has been hanging out in the centre. Still the same old Christoff (that’s what we call him nowadays), all brass buttons and salutes, although age seems to have softened him. They say he’s a pretty good tour guide, and knows all about the best places, then and now. Christoff wants to share his stories with us and likes to tell tales about the past.
Everything was better then (hmmm, where did we hear that before…) but he has an uncanny knack of foretelling the future, too. He lets Govert and Nanda in on all the exciting stuff. So you’d better keep an eye on him as he wanders around the town, pops up on our website and on Mondragon social media. You never know what he’ll be up to next. You might learn something from him!