25 April

The interior of Mondragon, Cristó and 't Gouden Elfje

Belinda Ubbink is an interior designer and she has taken care of the interior for several hotels already including the Badhotel in Domburg. She had been active in interior design since 1995. Belinda makes total concepts in which form, material, color, light, decoration and graphic elements are presented in the best way possible.

The result of Belinda’s workstyle came back very well in Mondragon, Cristó and ‘t Gouden Elfje in Zierikzee. In the old building located at the Oude Haven, the interior has a warm and classic look, as does the inner city of Zierikzee. In Cristó, for example, we worked with beautiful classic tables, which gives the restaurant a very elegant look.

The hotel rooms will be located in the newly built part of Mondragon, with the entrance on the Paardenstraat in Zierikzee. Mondragon has four different styles of hotel rooms.

  1. Gold & Blue Rooms. These rooms have a warm, blue appearance and enjoy the northern lights. The room is an oasis of tranquility and therefore an ideal base for your stay in Mondragon in Zierikzee.
  2. Renaissance Green Rooms. This room type exudes a soft green atmosphere and greets the rising sun in the east. Thanks to the beautiful interior, the hotel guest will immediately feel at home.
  3. Metropolitan Silver Rooms. At first glance, this room type looks the most classic. In the rooms there is a calm southern tranquility in which one feels more than comfortable.
  4. Rembrandt Red Rooms. These rooms wave goodbye to the sunset in the west. In the Rembrandt Red Rooms the red atmosphere comes into its own with a beautiful version of the famous Dutch painting ‘’De Nachtwacht’’ or ‘’The Night Watch’’ painted by Rembrandt Van Rijn.

In addition to the 38 hotel rooms that Mondragon has, there are also two suites, the Schouwen & Duiveland Loft Suites. Both suites have a majestic view over the beautiful old town center of Zierikzee.

As icing on the cake, the hotel has a beautiful Royal Mondragon Suite. With 110m2, this suite is even worthy of an international VIP. It is one of the largest hotel rooms in Zeeland and has a magnificent view over the Old Port of Zierikzee. When you look out of the window you can see the historic ships of the museum harbor calmly go with the ebb and flow of this saltwater inland harbor.

If you pay a visit to Mondragon, it is certainly worthwhile to see ‘’De Heerenkamer’’ which means ‘’The Gentleman’s Room’’. Already in the 19th century notables came together here to enjoy a delicious whiskey and cigar. That possibility will be available again from December 2019 in Zierikzee.

Every detail in the hotel has been given the same amount of attention and love by the interior designer. During your stay you will continue to be amazed by the interior of hotel Mondragon, in Cristó or ‘t Gouden Elfje.