04 May

The hotel has reopend!

What to expect from us?

Safety committee for the province Zeeland eases the rules for tourism 

From know on the hotel is open! For our hotel guests a part of our restaurant is available for breakfast and dinner. Of course it is also possible to order room service. 

In order to welcome you as safely as possible, the entire hotel has been adapted to the new situation. We strictly follow the national and regional measures for you as well as our own safety.  
When you feel good and healthy you are most welcome.  Not well? Then we would like to welcome you another time. 

What do we do in Mondragon to ensure the safety of our guests?

We follow government guidelines and recommendations.

All employees are provided with information about Covis-19 and management instructions.

Improved cleaning and hygiene protocols.

Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces such as door handles, card terminals and lift buttons with antibacterial fluids.

We offer guests our guests disinfectant dispenser in public areas.

Compliance with procedures for dealing with colleagues who are ill. Measures in our restaurants:

Please wait at the indicated place until our host shows you your table.

Before entering the restaurant, use a disinfectant gel or wash your hands with soap and water.

Keep 1.5 meters away from both our staff and other guests.

Maximum 4 people from 1 household at one table. Otherwise maximum 2 people per table.

Our employees wear gloves from a hygienic point of view The Safety host can refuse guests if there is a suspicion of a cold and / or flu complaints

Preferably pay contactless (pin or mobile)

We also offer room service during the opening hours of the Cristó restaurant                                                                                                                


Can hotels be open? Yes, according to government guidelines you are allowed to have hotels open.

Can restaurants located in hotels be open? Yes, Food and beverage outlets in hotels may be open for hotel guests. This is also included in the emergency regulations of the various safety regions.

Is visiting a hotel safe? Hotel Mondragon works in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM, we have made every effort to minimize the risks.

Is it possible to order dishes and drinks from the menu in my hotel room? Yes that is possible. We offer room service.

Can I still have breakfast at the hotel? Yes, of course you can have breakfast with us. We offer you an à la carte breakfast instead of a breakfast buffet. Breakfast, like lunch and dinner, is also possible in your hotel room.

I have a cold or cough, what to do? We politely, but urgently, ask you to stay in your room for security reasons and to check out on the next morning.

Cancellation conditions: 
(New) bookings can be changed or cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival*

 Any changes to existing bookings are subject to availability and rate differences 

* Guests who have booked through a travel agency, online booking platform or other third parties are requested to contact us directly via the channel booked.