17 May

Cristó's Chef

Kees Visser will be the chef of restaurant Cristó from December 1, 2019. Last year Govert Janzen, the operator of Mondragon, met Kees Visser. Kees said the following: "I heard his ideas about the hotel and restaurant, and I got excited. We turned out to have the same philosophy, especially when it comes to quality in the kitchen. "

Cristó's kitchen team

At the moment Kees is still working at restaurant ''Bij Kees''. "Bij Kees was a very nice project, but when this challenge at Cristó crossed my path, I didn't want to refuse it," said Kees. He is currently working with his team Jeffrey Buijl and Martin Weijermans in restaurant Bij Kees. Both Jeffrey and Martin will make the switch to Cristó together with Kees. In addition to this team, Chris Reijnhout also has been hired. He currently works as a sous chef at wine bar Brut in Burgh-Haamstede. Chris will be the right hand of Kees in Cristó as sous chef.


Cristó level of cooking

In Cristó, cooking will be done at a high culinary level by Kees and his team. Cristó becomes a restaurant with French cuisine, but also with influences from the Basque Country in Spain, where the Spanish general Christobál Mondragón comes from. On the menu, short trips to Basque cuisine are made from time to time. We owe that to Cristó, who was born and raised in this gastronomic region in Spain.


Bocuse d’Or

Before Cristó opens, Kees has another big challenge. Kees is one of the five Dutch finalists for the Bocuse d’Or. The winner of the final may represent the Netherlands during the European final of Bocuse d’Or in 2020 in Estonia. The Bocuse d’Or is a prestigious international cooking competition in which 24 countries participate. The Dutch final will be in Ahoy Rotterdam on Monday 23 September.

From December 3 you can see Kees and his team in action at Cristó. If you would like to make a reservation you may us vai mail or phone:

Mail: reservation@mondragon.nl

Telephone: 0111 23 00 00