14 January

Bienvenido a Mondragón!

Hi, and welcome to our website. We hope you’ll soon feel at home here.

It’s 2019, the year when Zierikzee’s city inn will be built, and open its doors. We’re the Mondragon hotel team and would like to introduce ourselves to you. As you can see, we’re a small team at the moment. Govert Janzen has been working on the Mondragon concept since the end of 2017 and will soon be in charge of its management. Nanda Willemse started in January 2019 as hotel manager. Together, Nanda and Govert are hard at work getting everything ready for the opening on the 1st of December. They worked together at the famous Badhotel in Domburg for a number of years. And have now teamed up with Mondragon to make it ‘Zierikzee’s very first hotel’. Nanda: “A company where guests come to enjoy and where employees - preferably all from Schouwen-Duiveland - have a super fun working environment. We can’t wait to bring you updates now and then in the next few months! ”